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Current Projects: Memoir

Current Projects: Memoir

Her life was supposed to be simple: grow up, get married, and preach the good news until the end of the world came. However, this bucolic, if unusual, life plan was monkey-wrenched from the very beginning. Set in rural central Texas in the 1980s-90s, this tale immerses readers in a world where an emotional and imaginative child is faced with trying to navigate a religious belief system that confuses her. The child, wired to feel, see, hear the world intensely, grows up trying to make sense of these elements, until the brewing storms of adolescence erupt and her life is irrevocably upended. The once “gifted” girl faces a daunting crawl out of the wreckage of her young life. She eventually emerges, not unscathed, but defiantly awake and alive.


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